2017 Honda Odyssey The real family car

The market will soon be introduced in a new model of Honda companies and it will be the 2017 Honda Odyssey. This new minivan will be completely redesigned and improved. The manufacturer has decided to put a lot of innovations and changes in this car and thus to further increase sales and attract new potential customers to believe to be satisfied with this new model. It is expected that this new model set a high standard cars in this class and will be one of the market leaders.

2017 Honda Odyssey Front

2017 Honda Odyssey More space more enjoyment

Externally the new 2017 Honda Odyssey will be extremely improved and redesigned. According to rumors length and wheelbase of this model will be increased, which will contribute to its space inside be increased. The front part will be completely redesigned, there will be massive front bumper that will have air intake and LED fog lights. The front fascia will be very attractive and striking primarily because it will be used a lot of details in chrome. Headlights and rear lights of the car will be equipped with beautiful LED lights and will further contribute to have even more beautiful appearance outside.

The new 2017 Honda Odyssey will be in a very attractive and stylish, it is assumed that in addition to the spacious to even greater comfort will make sure the seat is made of quality leather, so that all passengers will be able to enjoy the ride in this minivan. Dashboard will be updated and will set in the middle of the touch screen with an updated infotainment system and a modern air conditioning, adaptive pace, rearview camera, parking sensors, stability control, traction control, modern audio player, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, air bags, seat belts and more.

2017 Honda Odyssey Interior

2017 Honda Odyssey Very economical engine

It is assumed that the new 2017 Honda Odyssey will be equipped with 3.5-liter V6 engine that will be capable of producing about 278 horsepower and will have a torque of about 342 Nm. This engine will be mated to a brand new 9-speed automatic transmission. Drive the minivan will be at the front wheels with the standard equipment package, while one more novelty will be all-wheel drive which will find with the best equipped trim level. There are also rumors that this model will have a hybrid version of the engine but it is still not confirmed.

2017 Honda Odyssey Rear

2017 Honda Odyssey Price range and release date

It is expected that the price of the new 2017 Honda Odyssey will be between $ 28.500 and the $ 40,000 and the market should be introduced in October of 2016.

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