Monthly Archives: March 2018

2019 Toyota Tacoma Revieew, Changes

2019 Toyota Tacoma front

Toyota Motor Company has over the years proved its creativity and dedication to not only producing elegant vehicles but also some of the most efficient and durable vehicles in the world. To stay true to its word, the company has introduced an all-new 2019 Toyota Tacoma Pickup truck. This new model is expected to allure to drivers that would want an elegant and powerful Pickup for personal and commercial business and personal leisure as well.

2019 Nissan Titan Engine, Redesign

2019 Nissan Titan front

2019 Nissan Titan in a bid to fully cover the demand and raise the brows for a new market niche. Nissan marketing sleuths sort to identify a new market that they could exploit and one thing that came to their attention was the fact that each year there was about 75,000 avid truck users would make the switch from lightweight to heavy duty trucks and another 75,000 users going in the opposite direction. With that, they figured that the 150,000 users would be more than happy with something that was trending along those intermediary lines and thus the Nissan Titan was born. The 2019 Nissan Titan model is one that comes much awaited changes hence the high expectation.

2019 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel

2019 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel front

The introduction of the diesel version of the almost outdated mid-size trucks, the 2019 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel is a major boost to mid-size truck enthusiasts and fanatics. Currently, the Colorado is the only mid-sized truck available that runs on diesel, easily making it a unique model. With its new design, it can comfortably operate from camping retreats, rugged terrains to busy urban streets, hence providing consumers a range of options for its usage.

2019 Ford Raptor Design, Release date

2019 Ford Raptor front

2019 Ford Raptor will be the initiator of the second generation of this great off-roader. New generation of Ford’s F-150 series brought switch to aluminum construction, so the future of the Raptor was uncertain due to this switch. However, Ford surprised and delighted all Raptor fans by creating the modified version which is better than the current one in each parameter. Besides new look 2019 Ford Raptor will come with more power, new technologies and improved capabilities, capable to overcome each terrain.